Carolyn Noble, JD

Carolyn Noble is a lawyer and a Major Gift Officer who fundraises for Wayne Law. She facilitates passion and opportunity at the Law School by building relationships with alumni and other supporters. She successfully raised over $2.5 million in her first year as a fundraiser by closing five-, six-, and seven-figure cash and planned gifts.  Carolyn has strong skills in relationship building and achieving difficult goals and objectives, but attributes it all to being a good listener and enjoying peoples' stories. Carolyn works hard to make people feel connected and appreciated because that's important to her. At Wayne Law, she also serves as a speaking engagement moderator, event planner, and marketing director, depending on the needs of the donors.  She received her law degree from Wayne Law, a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Madonna University, and a bachelor's degree majoring in psychology from Beloit College.  Carolyn’s other interests include financial planning, politics, psychology, real estate, animal welfare, human rights, and reading good biographies.  She and her husband, Evan, recently had a daughter in February named Brooke.