Did you know...that thousands of individuals in Southeast Michigan have been encouraged to leave a charitable gift to their favorite charity(s) through the LEAVE A LEGACY public awareness campaign?

Did you know...that statistics show that only 43% of Michigan residents have a will or written estate plan?  Only 20% of those with a written plan have included a charitable provision in their plan. 

Did you know...that the LEAVE A LEGACY program offers a FREE Speakers Bureau of over 20 highly qualified professionals as a part of the public awareness campaign?

Did you know...that the Speakers Bureau will help educate civic groups, board members, development/stewardship committess and donor groups about the importance of leaving a gift to charity through estate planning?

Did you know...that our speakers now offer a selection of presentation topics, such as:

  1. Generic LEAVE A LEGACY presentation -- provides basic charitable gifting statistics, ideas and information (i.e. how easy it is and anyone can do it...)
  2. Charitable Gift Annuities
  3. Gifts of Life Insurance
  4. Tax-Advantaged Charitable Giving through the use of Retirement Accounts
  5. Estate & Charitable Plannings Basics
  6. Coordinating Charitable Planning and Business Planning
  7. The Simplest Ways to Make Legacy Gifts
  8. How to be sure your Legacy gift is used according to your wishes
  9. Leaving A Legacy -- You don't have to be Bill Gates to do something great!
  10. Putting Your Estate Planning House In Order -- An Overview of Common Estate Planning Documents (including wills, trusts, medical and legal power and charitable planning)

To request a speaker call (810)375-2180 or email:


Community Presentations -- Public Welcome!