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Mentor Program

We offer an eight month mentoring program for up to six non-profits that are interested in incorporating planned giving into their mix of solicitations or expanding their planned giving focus.

The program will consist of seven 1.5 hour mandatory sessions providing information on:
1) Operations and Infrastructure
2) Marketing
3) Furthering Education
4) Planned Giving 101
5) Financial Planning 101
6) Relationship Development

There will also be a less structured session discussing timely topics and issues of interest to the participants.

Mentees will be paired with seasoned planned giving professionals who will be available to answer questions over the remaining six months.

* Participation is limited and will be selected from the pool of applicants.

* Participants must be a member of the Planned Giving Roundtable of Southeast Michigan.

* There is no additional cost to participate in this program.

To assure organizational buy-in, CEOs or directors of interested non-profits should contact Bob Alexander, Chair of the Mentor Program, at(734)953-6009.

Classes begin in January.