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CRTs - Moving from Discussion to Completion (Seminar)

Thursday, April 27, 2023
12:30 pm2:00 pm

Co-Presenters: Kara Morin & Jeffrey Frye, PG Calc

Your donor is considering whether to establish a charitable remainder trust. What are the questions that need to be addressed early in the decision-making process? What calculations and projections should you provide? And what are the next steps when they say YES? Kara Morin and Jeffrey Frye will draw on their 50+ years of combined experience in planned giving to walk you through the key steps that must be completed by the charity, the trustee, and the donor, to bring the gift to fruition. This fast-moving webinar will outline best practices for fundraisers and administrators, and will walk attendees through the entire process, including steps on flip trusts funded with real estate. We’ll go from soup to nuts – starting with the initial conversation and going all the way to the trust’s first tax filing.

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